Xiaomi Mijia Pen with 0.5mm Swiss Refill 143mm Rolling Roller Ball Sign Pen Mi Xiomi Sign Signing Ballpoint Pen Black ink

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  • Notice: This product is not Xiaomi logo, but this product released by xiaomi ecological chain company and sells by Xiaomi Youpin Highlights.
  • The ink color of the pen is Black ink and Blue refills are not original, but good quality.
  • This link has a variety of pens to choose for you, please check carefully when make an order.
  • we will send out your order within 2 working days after throught payment.

Mijia Roller Pens

Makes the writing smooth and smooth on paper

PREMEC Swiss Import Refill Writing
Experience at one go

MIJIA pens customized PREMEC Switzerland imported high-flow ink cartridge design, easy to shut off the ink to ensure a smooth and consistent writing experience, refill built-in high-precision spring seal pen beads, not using ink for a long time is not easy to dry.

Not only smooth, more
reliable and durable

Smooth, smooth writing experience, derived from 0.5mm high precision tungsten carbide balls. Ball hardness is comparable to diamond, reliable, and extremely durable

MiKuni Japan Imported Ink, Fast Dry Ink

The MIKIA Neutral Pen selected Japan Mikuni Neutral Ink is bright, stable in quality, and does not dizzy in water. Warriors ink is just good viscosity, fast drying, not easy to penetrate the paper

The Right Comfortable Grip

The experimental investigation found that a pen with a diameter of more than 10 mm is prone to weariness for more than half an hour, a diameter of 9.5 mm is just right, and both aesthetics and comfort are taken into consideration.

All-metal Precision Connector,
50,000 Rotation Life Test

The rotation is made of pure copper and reaches 50,000 life tests. Metal connectors, metal rotating sleeves, high-quality metal materials instead of plastic materials, greatly improving the service life of Mi pens

Tips:Please remember to shot the video including the process you unpack the parcel and try out the product in the first time once you receive it, in case that there is problem in the product , which is benefit of protecting your shopping rights.


Q:Is the Sign Pen Original xiaomi goods?

A:No.but these products released by xiaomi ecological chain company.

Q:1) how to change the reserve to this pen ? 2) Do you have blue reserves?

A:You can unscrew the back end to change the reserve.There are no blue reserves on our website at present.

Q:Do you have it in stock ?

A:This item is in stock now, your order will be sent out within 1-3 working days.

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